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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cold War 2: Going after Mineral Resources in the Arctic

Scrambling for the Arctic:

AlJazeeraEnglish | September 22, 2010 - An international summit has begun in Moscow, the Russian capital, to consider rival claims to mineral rights in the Arctic.

It is thought a quarter of the world's undiscovered oil and gas resources lie beneath the arctic ocean, and now global warming is making it more accessible.

Under the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, coastal nations can claim exclusive rights to natural resources on or beneath the sea floor up to 370 kilometres beyond their land territory.

Al Jazeera's Tania Page reports.

Monday, September 20, 2010

"New Order, Same Abuses"

September 20,2010  | Amnesty Condemns Iraq for Holding 30,000 Prisoners Without Trial


Amnesty International is condemning Iraq for holding an estimated 30,000 prisoners without trial, including 10,000 prisoners who were recently transferred from US custody. In a new report, Amnesty documents that Iraqi prisoners are being arbitrarily detained and often beaten to obtain forced confessions.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Bangladesh hit by anthrax outbreak.

AlJazeeraEnglish | September 13, 2010 - Bangladesh has been hit by an outbreak of anthrax, which is a bacteria that occurs naturally in the soil.

It infects livestock and can also be passed on to humans, if they eat the meat or handle infected animals.

Al Jazeera's Nicholas Haque sent this report from Northern Bangladesh.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Eid'l Fitr in Bangladesh

nocommenttv | September 09, 2010 - Hundreds of women crowded outside the house of a wealthy household in the suburb of Nabiganji in Bangladesh, waiting for charitable handouts or "zakat" which are a tradition for the Eid festival. Meanwhile, in capital Dhaka, thousands of people waited to board ferries and trains hoping to get back to their hometown in time for the celebration marking the end of the holy fasting month, Ramadan....

Two Australias - a lesson for 1Malaysia

We investigate an Australian government programme to tackle poverty, alcoholism and violence in Aboriginal communities.

08 Sep 2010 - AlJazeera | Julia Gillard has finally emerged out of Australia's general election as the country's first woman prime minister and leader of a new, Labour-led, minority administration.

The negotiations to gain the support of independent MPs were tough.

But one thing that barely figured on the agenda was indigenous affairs - an issue so far down the list of political priorities in Australia these days that it hardly featured in the election campaign of either main party.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

UN admits to failing DR Congo rape victims.

AlJazeeraEnglish | September 08, 2010 - A senior United Nations official has admitted that UN troops failed to protect women and children in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

More than 500 rapes have now been reported there in the past month alone, including 242 women and children who were raped over several days just 30 kilometers away from a base used by UN peacekeepers.

Al Jazeera's Cath Turner reports from the UN in New York.
more from BBC

Facebook at centre of Egyptian political scandal.

Prospective Egyptian presidential candidate Mohamed ElBaradei has blamed opponents for hacking his daughter’s Facebook page after images of her drinking alcohol and wearing a bikini sparked outrage.
By Eric Olander (text)
Full Report :

Monday, September 6, 2010

Jonathan Risks Clashes in Oil-Rich Nigeria With Election Bid.

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan. 
Photographer: Remy de la Mauviniere
-AFP/Getty Images 

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan risks sectarian clashes when he announces whether he will seek election: in the Muslim north if he does, and in his native oil- rich Niger River delta in the south if he doesn’t. 

Unrest in the delta may jeopardize oil output in Nigeria, Africa’s biggest producer and the fifth-largest source of crude to the U.S. At least 14,000 people have died in ethnic and religious violence since 1999, according to the Brussels-based International Crisis Group

“Jonathan’s delta constituency could interpret even a voluntary decision not to run as a concerted northern attempt to block him, and this could spark unrest,” said Rolake Akinola, an analyst at New York-based Eurasia Group. 

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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Terrorists in Negotiation, but Gamal is the Issue.

While the 3 terrorists - 1 representing Israel, another representing Palestine , organized by the 3rd- representing America, are negotiating, the issues  in the minds  of the people of Egypt is not the future of Palestine but Egypt's future, will Gamal be the next President of Egypt - imposed  by his father on the people of Egypt, by hook or crook?

AlJazeeraEnglish | September 02, 2010 - The attendance and involvement of the son of the Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak in the ongoing Middle East talks in Washington DC has raised speculation in Egypt over whether he will become his father's successor.