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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Who rules US politics & society?

'Israel reigns over US polity'

Uploaded by PressTVGlobalNews on 7 Oct 2011 - October is the 10th anniversary of the US-led invasion of Afghanistan, the beginning of the 2012 federal austerity budget, and the month in which demonstrations in the US have heated up. It's no longer just about corporate greed and the crooked banksters, Americans are fighting to take back and change the US political system, end policies which create a wealth divide and take back the democracy which they feel they have lost.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Yula Tymoshenko found guilty!

$200 mln fraud: 7 years in jail for Ukraine ex-PM Tymoshenko

 Uploaded by RussiaToday on 11 Oct 2011 - Seven years behind bars and 200 million dollars to repay. The sentence for Ukraine's former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko for abusing her authority while signing gas deals with Russia. RT's Alexey Yaroshevskiy is following the events from outside the court where Tymoshenko supporters have been involved in scuffles with police.

DC Protesters Continue to Occupy After Permit Expires.

Uploaded by VOAvideo on 10 Oct 2011 - Anti-war and anti-Wall Street demonstrations are springing up in major cities across the United States, nearly a month after they started in the heart of New York's financial district. Our correspondent reports from one protest in Washington, where demonstrators say they plan to stay even if they risk arrest.

We have to follow what will happen next!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Occupy Wall Street: Too Big to Ignore.

Uploaded by RussiaToday on 9 Oct 2011 - The collective voices of American dissent has manifested into a movement impossible to ignore. "Occupy Wall Street" began in the world's financial capital, but this week protests have blazed through dozens of cities nationwide.

Noam Chomsky on Occupy Wall Street protests

Uploaded by munderlarkst on 2 Oct 2011 - Noam Chomsky being interviewed by RT's Marina Portnaya about Occupy Wall Street.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Assange: Superpower takeover of Libya a lesson to world

Uploaded by RussiaToday on 8 Oct 2011 - Wikileaks founder Julian Assange was among much anticipated speakers at mass protest in London calling for end to war in Afghanistan and foreign troops pullout. RT managed to talk to him about the military interventions and the Libyan conflict in particular.

5 Facts You Should Know About the Wealthiest One Percent of Americans.

It may shock you to learn exactly how wealthy this top 1 percent of Americans is.

As the ongoing occupation of Wall Street by hundreds of protesters enters its third week — and as protests spread to other cities such as Boston and Los Angeles — demonstrators have endorsed a new slogan: “We are the 99 percent.” This slogan refers to an economic struggle between 99 percent of Americans and the richest 1 percent of Americans, who are increasingly accumulating a greater share of the national wealth to the detriment of the middle class.

It may shock you to learn exactly how wealthy this top 1 percent of Americans is. ThinkProgress has assembled five facts about this class of super-rich Americans:
1. The Top 1 Percent of Americans Owns 40 Percent of the Nation’s Wealth
 As Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz points out, the richest 1 percent of Americans now own 40 percent of the nation’s wealth. Sociologist William Domhoff illustrates this wealth disparity using 2007 figures where the top 1 percent owned 42 percent of the country’s financial wealth (total net worth minus the value of one’s home). How much does the bottom 80 percent own? Only 7 percent.
Alternet | 4 Oct 2011 - Read full post