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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

General David Petraeus head CIA.

President Obama is planning to make major changes to his national security team.

CIA director Leon Panetta will become U.S. defense secretary and be replaced at the spy agency's helm by U.S. Army General David Petraeus, current head of military operations in Afghanistan.

If nominated and confirmed by the Senate, Panetta would replace Robert Gates, who has long said he wants to retire this year.

Petraeus would take over the CIA less than a year after assigned to Afghanistan in the wake of the resignation of Gen. Stanley McChrystal.

The changes also take place as Obama plans to launch the process of withdrawing U.S. troops from Afghanistan, starting this July.

Citing unnamed sources, AP is also reporting that a Petraeus aide, Lt. Gen. John Allen, will take command in Afghanistan, while veteran Ryan Crocker would become the new U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan.

Move: Current CIA Director Leon Panetta is expected to move to the Pentagon
Move: Current CIA Director Leon Panetta is expected to move to the Pentagon

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Rear Earths Plant under construction in Malaysia.

Apr 19, 2011 - Australian miners Lynas (dumping) toxic industry in Malaysia. Malaysia becomes a pawn in the Industrial West Vs China trade war.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Dispatch: China's New Weapons Systems

STRATFORvideo on Apr 19, 2011 - Vice President of Strategic Intelligence Rodger Baker examines possible reasons for China's recent, unusual showcasing of the J-20 stealth fighter and Varyag aircraft carrier.

Net Neutrality: EU forces telecoms to disclose 'real' internet connection speeds

Apr 19, 2011 - The new EU telecoms rules are due to come into force in all Member States on 25 May.The key points about the new rules concern transparency, quality of service and the ability to switch operator.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Nuclear plant plans spark violent clashes in India

RussiaToday on 19 Apr 2011 - Protests against a proposed nuclear power plant in western India have turned violent a day after the death of a protester from police gunfire. An angry mob opposing the government plans hurled stones at forces who charged at them with batons. Activists have also blocked the road to the site by dumping burning tyres, bringing traffic to a standstill. Opposition to the plant has grown since Japan's nuclear crisis, as it's in an an area of high seismic activity.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Beijing bans luxury advertising

france24english on Apr 15, 2011 - to hide gap between rich and poor.
REPORT - The Chinese government has a new target in sight: luxury advertising. As of April 15th, no outdoor advertisements will be allowed to portray either extravagant or opulent lifestyles and companies breaking the law will have to pay a fine of €3,000s. The new regulations ban any outdoor advertising from showing rich people enjoying their money, or spending it on foreign made luxury brands. The reason? The local government wants to mask the increasing gap between rich and poor

Child victims of sex trafficking jailed for prostitution.

Apr 16, 2011 - Underage prostitution in the United States is organised crime's third biggest money-maker after guns and drugs. But Washington's accused of blaming the kids instead of the criminals - putting young girls behind bars for walking the streets, instead of offering rescue and help.

UN peacekeepers

Apr 16, 2011 - UN officials have praised the role of the world body's peacekeepers, saying their presence has made a critical difference during difficult circumstances.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sarkozy – The naked truth

olitical opportunist Nicolas Sarkozy forgot three fundamental lessons when he decided to denounce the burka.

The first one is that men should stay well clear of becoming embroiled in expressing opinions on women’s clothes, unless of course you happen to be called Lacroix, Gaultier, Lagerfeld or Ghesquiere.
This was a lesson learned the hard way by former British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw who was pilloried when he questioned the nikab after asking a female constituent to lift her veil so he could see her face.
Could you imagine him making the same request of any female members of the Saudi royal household during one of his galloping missions to the Middle East?
Foolishly Scotsmen Gordon Brown and John Reid, hailing from a country where men wear pleated skirts and paint their faces blue, then waded in with the grace of a couple of dancing bears.
Even the Bishop of Rochester – a man who wears a pointy hat and a purple dress – chipped in his dislike of the nikab, full face veil or burka.
Of course they were all despatched very quickly by Muslim women in Britain who proved themselves to be anything but oppressed, subjugated creatures. And just to show there’’s real solidarity across women of faith and no faith, quite a few western feminists expressed their disdain at Straw and co while standing shoulder to shoulder with their Muslim sisters.
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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Concerns over safety : Worldwide anti nuclear power protest.

Apr 6, 2011 - Concerns over safety of the 440 nuclear reactors all over the world. With a slogan "Fukushima warns : Pull the Plug on all nuclear power plants" anti nuclear power protest demonstrations were organized worldwide. Can the world count on IAEA?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Nuclear Worries - Radiation & Waste & Japan's bailout of the Power Operator.

hjmanan on Apr 1, 2011 - Japan's neo-socialism : sharing Nuclear Hazards & Nuclear Industry Financial Losses! Our future is in the hands of the Nuclear industrialists? What happened to the consumer?