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Monday, August 22, 2011

'Red Market' Boom: Indians forced to sell organs to survive.

RussiaToday on Aug 21, 2011 - In India, not everyone is benefiting from the economic boom. Tragically, some people are selling their own body parts to survive. And a scarcity of donors means the grim and illegal organ trade is thriving.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Senior Israeli archaeologist casts doubt on Jewish heritage of Jerusalem.

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On the alleged Temple of Solomon, Finkelstein said that there is no archaeological evidence to prove it really existed.
A senior archaeologist at Tel Aviv University has cast doubt on the alleged Jewish heritage of Jerusalem. Israel Finkelstein's claims have been made in the face of official Israeli and biblical claims to the occupied city.

Professor Finkelstein, who is known as "the father of biblical archaeology", told theJerusalem Post that Jewish archaeologists have found no historical or archaeological evidence to back the biblical narrative on the Exodus, the Jews' wandering in Sinai or Joshua's conquest of Canaan. On the alleged Temple of Solomon, Finkelstein said that there is no archaeological evidence to prove it really existed.

Middle East MonitorTue, 09 Aug 2011 - Read full post 

Friday, August 19, 2011

Honest Japanese Return $78 Million in Cash Found in Quake Rubble.

PHOTO: A man walks his dog past tsunami debris in the town of Minamisanriku, Miyagi prefecture, April 23, 2011.
A man walks his dog past tsunami debris in the town of Minamisanriku, 
Miyagi prefecture, April 23, 2011.

The earthquake and tsunami that walloped Japan left much of its coastline ravaged, but left one thing intact: the Japanese reputation for honesty. 

 In the five months since the disaster struck, people have turned in thousands of wallets found in the debris, containing $48 million in cash. More than 5,700 safes that washed ashore along Japan's tsunami-ravaged coast have also been hauled to police centers by volunteers and search and rescue crews. Inside those safes officials found $30 million in cash. One safe alone, contained the equivalent of $1 million. 

The National Police Agency says nearly all the valuables found in the three hardest hit prefectures, have been returned to their owners. "In most cases, the keyholes on these safes were filled with mud," said Koetsu Saiki with the Miyagi Prefectural Police. "We had to start by cutting apart the metal doors with grinders and other tools." Determining who the safes belonged to, proved to be the easy part. Saiki says most kept bankbooks or land rights documents inside the boxes, containing their names and address. Tracking the owners down, was much more challenging.

ABC News - Thurs 17, 2011 : Read full post 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Fight for Equality in Israel's J14 Movement.

Uploaded by TheRealNews on Aug 11, 2011 - Saturday saw the largest demonstration in Israel's history in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and other cities. Hundreds of thousands of Israelis poured onto the streets to demonstrate against the high housing prices and rising costs of commodities. Meanwhile Israel's Palestinian citizens who make up 20% of the population join the movement that began on July 14th and became known as J14. The Real News' Lia Tarachansky spoke to Dror K. Levy, a professor of Cultural Studies at Haifa University, Mary Copti, a central community leader in one if Israel's mixed cities of Jaffa (Yafa), and Wafa Abu Shamis who began the Jaffa tent city against home demolitions and gentrification.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Turkey's Aid to Somalia

Uploaded by AlArabiya on Aug 14, 2011 - On August 13, Turkey's Islamic charity foundation IHH organized aid for victims of famine and drought in Somalia.

Israel's parliament debates street protests.

Aug 16, 2011 by Euronews - Israel's parliament interrupted its summer recess on Tuesday to debate protests against high living costs.However, the majority of Israeli legislators failed to show up.The Knesset was virtually empty and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was visiting the construction site of a new train line. Opposition leader Tzipi Livni, of the centrist Kadima party, accused Netanyahu's right-wing coalition of "foot-dragging" in tackling the protesters' concerns about taxes and the cost of housing.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Uk : a target for the military recruitment drive.

14 August 2011 -trying to bring back their strong hold among the Sikhs.

TESCO UK Found guilty.

13 Aug 2011 :
by office of fair trading. A speaker from on the riots in the UK quoted as saying so.

America's Debt Problem

Aug 10, 2011 - In which John discusses the U.S. public debt, our dangerously high debt to GDP ratio, the S&P's downgrade of America's credit rating, and why our debt may not be as unmanageable as it seems. There's also some general discussion of economics, currency, the gold standard, and the worldwide financial system's dependence of the American dollar.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

World's Biggest Privatization Exercise in 2011.

STRATFORvideo on Aug 1, 2011 - Stratfor Dispatch : Analyst Lauren Goodrich examines the reasons behind Moscow's plan to privatize strategic Russian firms.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

French court orders probe into IMF chief Lagarde.

4 Aug 2011 by Euronews - A French court on Thursday ordered an investigation into IMF chief Christine Lagarde for alleged abuse of authority in her previous job as French finance minister.
Prosecutors want to probe her role in approving a 285-million-euro payment to businessman Bernard Tapie, a close friend of President Nicolas Sarkozy, in July 2008.
At the time, Tapie was in the midst of a court battle with the former state-owned bank Credit Lyonnais.
Lagarde denies any misconduct and there is no suggestion she profited personally from her decision.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.

Uploaded by talkingsticktv on Jun 21, 2007 - Interview with John Perkins author of "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man"

antiklaus on Apr 19, 2007 - The real deal - from a corporate hit man...