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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Syrian refugees : Exodus to Nowhere?

1] suffer in squalid camps

Published on Nov 24, 2012 by AlJazeeraEnglish The number of Syrian refugees registered in neighbouring countries has nearly doubled since the beginning of September to more than 440,000, the UN refugee agency said on Friday.

Many of those displaced by the government's bombardments of cities and towns have also fled to a squalid camp in the Syrian village of Atmeh near the Turkish border. Reports from Atmeh, refugees suffering from a severe lack of basic needs.

2] Refugees 'treated like criminals' in Germany

Published on Nov 23, 2012 by RussiaToday : Germany is welcoming refugees displaced by the conflict in Syria. This after openly supporting the country's rebel coalition. And, - the migrants may find out that German hospitality isn't all they hoped for.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Boots on the ground in Timbuktu & the rest of Mali?

Published on Nov 13, 2012 : Mali Crisis: West African bloc pledges 3.300 troops to help recapture north; UN expected to approve military plan before 2013. West African troops will back 5.000 Mali military forces.

Washington busy with Generals' Sex?

David Petraeus Resigns from CIA Over Affair

Published on Nov 9, 2012 by ABCNews : Four-star general says he "showed extremely poor judgment" by having extramarital affair.

Senior US General linked to Petraeus scandal

Published on Nov 13, 2012 by AlJazeeraEnglish; The top US commander in Afghanistan is now caught up in the same scandal that ended the career of CIA Director David Petraeus. General John Allen is being being accused of an inappropriate relationship with Jill Kelley, the woman who tipped off the FBI that Petraeus was having an affair.Now the scandal is sending shock waves across Washington.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

'People able to make difference end up dead'

Published on Nov 11, 2012 by RussiaToday : It's four more years in the White House for US president Barack Obama but the tight race and an expensive election has left some voters less than satisfied. RT's Lori Harfenist takes a political pulse check in the Big Apple.

15 States including Texas have filed a petition to secede from the United States.

As of Saturday November 10, 2012, 15 States have petitioned the Obama Administration for withdrawal from the United States of America in order to create its own government.
States following this action include: Louisiana, Texas, Montana, North Dakota, Indiana, Mississippi, Kentucky, North Carolina, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, Colorado, Oregon and New York. These States have requested that the Obama Administration grant a peaceful withdrawal from the United States.
These petitions were filed just days after the2012 Presidential election.
Louisiana was the first State to file a petition a day after the election by a Michael E. from Slidell, Louisiana. Texas was the next State to follow by a Micah H. from Arlington, Texas.
The government allows one month from the day the petition is submitted to obtain 25,000 signatures in order for the Obama administration to consider the request.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Tens of thousands rally for Argentina's biggest protest in years.

09 November, 2012

Thousands of pot-banging, flag-waving, banner-hoisting demonstrators massed in Buenos Aires for Argentina’s largest anti-government protest in years. Common themes at the protest included the nation's high levels of crime, corruption and inflation.

The demonstration, which lasted nearly four hours, was aimed at the government of President Cristina Fernandez de Kircher. Police officials said at least 30,000 people participated, while local media reported that hundreds of thousands turned out. Protesters angry at the nation’s current state banged pots and pans as Argentinians young and old rallied until almost midnight.

A column of demonstrators carried a 200-meter-long flag. As they marched through the city, they were greeted with noisy pans, tambourines, and honking car horns. Protesters chanted, “We’re not afraiid!" as they swarmed into the Plaza de Mayo and surrounding area, right in front of the presidential palace.

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Analysts Say Diverse Coalition Helped Obama Win Election.

Published on Nov 9, 2012 by VOAvideo : President Barack Obama won a second four year term in office this past week thanks in large part to a strong voter turnout from the same Democratic coalition that helped first elect him four years ago -- women, minorities and young people. VOA National correspondent Jim Malone has more


Monday, November 5, 2012

Occupy Wall Street: The Future And History, So Far

February 9, 2012 : On September 17, 2011, hundreds of people gathered in Lower Manhattan to protest the growing wealth gap and Wall Street's involvement in the economic crisis. Five months later, most of the Occupy encampments across the country have been disbanded and the future of the movement remains uncertain.