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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Young People Rising Up Against U.S Military Recruitment?

Jun 13, 2011 - Truthzonetvcom

Transcription Provided By: DeepestSleep of Youtube

"This is a reality that soldiers are faced with, that the people or Iraq and Afghanistan are faced with, that children are faced with, that the people who are living inside those houses are faced with every single day at the hands of my brothers and sisters.

What you can't see is the hundreds of civilians inside their homes, cowering under their tables, under their beds. What you can't see is the children, that after these troops leave, who can't sleep at night. What you can't see is the raw sewage flowing into the streets from where the tanks have run over the sewage lines.

This is real, and it is happening every single day. And this is but one example in the mountain of crimes that are being done in all of your names. That I was complicit in. That I am less of a man for having not resisted while I was in the Military on active duty.

A lot of people in this country feel that the US army is some place to go and make a man of yourself. I am less of a man today for having served in the US military.

These wars are racist. They are genocidal. The kind of training that soldiers are going through to be capable of these horrors are real, are systematic, well thought out, have been researched for well over two hundred years.

This is nothing new to the United States of America. This is nothing new. We have been doing this since our foundation. Everything we have, we have stolen.

Our soldiers are being trained as predators. And they are being set loose on civilian populations that never even attacked us in the first place.

I can't live with this. I can't live with it. I don't know how the people of this country live with it. I don't know how the Iraqi's and the Afghan's live with it every single day.

The mission statement of the US Army is to "Engage and Destroy". There is no Nation building, there is no humanitarian operations. The Mission statement of the US Army is to Engage and Destroy and that is what we are doing. And when you turn that force loose on a civilian population, as we have done on Iraq and Afghanistan, it is called Genocide, and it is a war crime.

You go to peace rallies and you see people holding up signs that say "support the troops". Can you really support the troops and not support the war? No, you cannot. And I say this to you as a former soldier. You know why the soldiers are over there doing this, beyond the fact they have been dehumanized to the point where they are capable of doing this? It is because they think you support them. That is all they hear from the American population.

This is a recipe for an endless war.

If the troops knew that they were not supported, they would stop deploying and committing war crimes. This is a message that takes a lot of courage to represent in our current society, but knowing the realities, we have a responsibility. Not just to the Iraq's and the Afghan's, but to the young men and women who are going to carry this out. They don't want to be there, war is not a fun place. It's horrible, it's hell. But they are doing it because they think people support them.

If you guys want to support the troops, you've got to tell them the truth. You've got to tell them they are involved in genocide, you got to tell them that you don't support what they are doing, and you got to tell them that you don't honor the warrior, and you don't honor the war. Be honest, offend people if you have to, because that's the only way to save them."