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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mutineers defeated in Madagascar coup bid.

The Australian November 22, 2010 -

AN attempted coup in Madagascar has been defused without bloodshed, the Prime Minister said yesterday.

Camille Vital said 16 officers surrendered, ending an impasse that began last Wednesday when a faction of officers declared they were taking over from President Andry Rajoelina.

Hundreds of soldiers loyal to Mr Rajoelina had converged on a base near Antananarivo's airport, where the mutineers were holed up (pic above).

Officials had said talks were planned but shots could be heard inside the base. Colonel Julien Ravelomihary, a high-ranking member of the High Transitional Authority's military, said mutinous officers were ready to hand themselves over but some junior officers initially resisted.

Despite the sound of shooting, Mr Vital said, "this crisis ended with the surrender of the mutineers, without bloodshed or threat to human life".

He said those who surrendered would face trial. AP

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1] The Australian 21 November 2010 - 

2] AlJazeeraEnglish | November 19, 2010
Madagascar military meets with coup leaders

Madagascar's army chief has met with rebel soldiers who threatened to topple the government earlier this week.

General Andre Ndriarijoana visited the dissident officers in their barracks near the international airport for about two hours on Friday but left after discussions without making a statement.

Lucien Rakotoarimasy, Madagascar's armed forces minister, said the talks were continuing even though the general had left the camp.

The security forces later fired teargas to disperse crowds gathering near the barracks.

Al Jazeera's Tania Page reports from the capital Antana-narivo.