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Thursday, November 25, 2010

NATO :: the talk after the recent Talk (Summit)

So, Who is/are  the enemy/ies now, after GW Bush?
Iran, Israel, North Korea ...which one of the 30 states?

Russia 'to work with Nato on missile defence shield'.

Russia has agreed to co-operate on Nato's programme to defend against ballistic missile attacks, Nato's chief has said.

Anders Fogh Rasmussen said at a Nato summit in Lisbon that the two sides had agreed in writing that they no longer posed a threat to one another.

'Real importance'

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said of the summit: "A period of very difficult, tense relations has been overcome."

Mr Rasmussen said: "The Nato nations and Russia have today agreed in writing that while we face many security challenges, we pose no threat to each other."

More videos below :

NATO rolls out red carpet for Russia:

Equal Partners: New Era for Russia & NATO?

RussiaToday | November 20, 2010 - Russia's doors are open to discuss its participation in European missile defense - but it wants a fair and equal role in it. After NATO's secretary general made upbeat remarks on the issue, President Medvedev later appeared to suggest a slightly more cautious stance. RT's Katerina Azarova wraps up the main details of the NATO-Russia council in Lisbon.

- From foes to partners :

AlJazeeraEnglish : Inside Story | November 21, 2010 - Former foes, now strategic partners: the Nato alliance - originally set up to counter the Soviet Union - has welcomed the Russian president to what has been dubbed one of the most important summits in its history. Will it bring a new era of co-operation between Nato and Russia? Will Russia join the battle against the Taliban and approve a missile shield in Europe? And what will Russia get in return?